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Pantries & Offerings


Healthy Meals are served three times daily. IHLE directly serve local resident and our participants.

Our pantries and meals function as the arms that reach out to our community. We are providing nourishing, safe food to those who are facing hunger. IHLE distribute food to families, children, individuals, seniors at risk of hunger.

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Clothing provided as needed.

Every Person has the potential to succeed. IHLE helps make that success a reality. We provide homeless families with services to suit their specific needs. IHLS serves the homeless population every day. Clothing all types, styles, and sizes are provided to our participants as those in need use the clothes for job interviews, work, etc.

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IHLE encourage nutrition focused food

IHLE food pantries do so much more than feed people. We help all member of our community receive the fuel they need to be their best. Food pantries helps build stronger communities meal by meal.

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Hygiene Pantry

Our hygiene pantry helps participants who have trouble affording basic household necessities. These items other than food that are considered critical to health and well-being, including personal care items, baby care items, household item and much more

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